In this workshop you'll learn how to connects Arduino, Things, Internet and Hybrid Mobile App to enable bidirectional flow of information between human (you) and things (sensors and actuators) and start making real-time decisions.

Internet of Things (IOT) has become tremendously hot topics among economists, as they said its empowering digital economy today. Most of the businesses have transformed their company methodology in following IOT trends and philosophy throughout their supply chain. Plus, most of the manufacturing company are shifting towards Smart Manufacturing as well as following the path of Industry 4.0.

Nowadays, as a career today becoming more challenging and competitive, most of the employers are looking for multi-skills employee, such as it will be great if a system admin could have Arduino or IOT skills, so he could do in-house development of his company server room monitoring, without paying any consultant to do it.

Lets prepare and help ourselves for future career by having sets of IOT skill, then we are able to help our company or institution to grow bigger with the needs IOT expertise.

Getting Started with Arduino
Arduino as Electronic Prototyping Platform, which includes Hardware,
Software and Community.
Introduction to Myduino IOT Training Kit.

Introduction to Digital Output
Blink an LED with Arduino as an example of Digital output.
Arduino programming logic testing with Running LED.
Frequency manipulation to create sound with Arduino.

Introduction to Analog Output
Get to know PWM to interpret digital to Analog signal.
Flashing an LED with Arduino’s PWM.

Introduction to Digital Input
Using pushbutton to mimic as Digital sensor.
Learn how to use Arduino’s Serial Monitor with Arduino Serial
Communication Port.

Introduction to Analog Input
Get to know ADC in Arduino as Digital to Analog signal converter.
Acquire Analog Temperature data and convert its ADC value to readable
Temperature value.

Integrating Basic LCD Display with Arduino
Use LCD Display to display characters, temperature sensor data, etc.

Getting Started with Favoriot IOT Platform
1. Introduction to Internet of Things.
2. Getting Started with Favoriot Platform.
3. Understand Favoriot Hierarchy and JSON Data Format.
4. Create Project, Application, Group and Device.
5. Favoriot REST API.
6. REST API Testing with Postman.
7. Create Graph on Favoriot.
8. Create Email & SMS Rules on Favoriot.

Getting Started with NodeMCU
1. Getting Started with NodeMCU.
2. Install CP2102 USB Driver.
3. Install ESP8266 Library.
4. Read Humidity&Temperature Sensor.
5. Setting Up WiFi Connection.
6. Create JSON Data Format.
7. Update DHT11 data to Favoriot Data Stream using REST API.

Integration of Favoriot MQTT, MQTT Client and NodeMCU
1. What is MQTT.
2. Understanding Favoriot MQTT Protocol.
3. MQTT Testing with IoT MQTT Dashboard on Android.
4. Install MQTT Library on NodeMCU.
5. Setting Favoriot MQTT Protocol on NodeMCU.
6. Update DHT11 to Favoriot Data Stream using MQTT.
7. Control LEDs with MQTT Client App.
8. Combination Acquire Sensor Data and Control Actuator on one
Apr 3 - Apr 4, 2018
[ Tue ] - [ Wed ]
8:30 PM - 5:00 PM MYT
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Microsoft Lab, FCSIT
IOT Training FULL
Venue Address
Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia Malaysia